When it comes to choose the finishes of a surface, interior designers get overwhelmed by the wide range of products and materials to select, most commonly they choose paint because of its accessible price and also the diverse options of colors, textures and shades. And also because the cost saving features of paint itself.

Through this article we want to offer an alternative to paint, it is wallpaper, this material is a perfect solution to interior design, just by installing it you will get an instant upgrade, and also this materials offers multiple textures, colors and patterns that the designer can use to meet his or her creativity.

Wall paper, or wall-coverings, how is better known today because of multiple materials used different than paper, can offer many advantages, such as being practical to install and to change after some time, no need to tear the wall down. Also it is almost guaranteed than the design will find some wall covering that will meet his or her decorating needs since there are thousands of colors, patterns, shapes and materials.

But there are some important tips to take into care before decorating with wallpaper, first is about the measurement, can be tricky when you are on a DIY decoration, the main thing to do is to measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor, from there shouldn't be hard to get the right amount of wall covering, if the wallcovering you are going to choose is a pattern one, is better to get professional help.

This material is more expensive than paint, but also offers a more luxurious styles to the space where it is installed, please keep in mind the cost of installation and installation materials for the wall covering it can add extra cost to the whole process.

There many options for wall covering materials, but one of the best option is vinyl since it can imitative almost all kinds of textures, materials and colors, but the advantage of vinyl is that is more resistant than other types like paper or grass cloth and looks almost the same, and also is more affordable than other types like metallic.

Its true than wall coverings are more expensive than paint, so what we recommend that choosing one place of the house to get the wall coverings, would a great idea, this way you get a touch of design and luxury to play and combine with rest of the house. Also this product can be used in every room of the house, even bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl coverings are washable and durable enough to resist and decorate.