The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends in 2020 and 2021

The style of living today is a lot more fast-paced compared to what it was decades ago. This is reflected by the modern kitchen design trends used by interior designers. Instead of a feeling of restriction, most homeowners opt for the open floor arrangement that allows for fluid movement across the kitchen.

The family dynamic puts a heavy burden on the interior designer when it comes to designing the kitchen. Every member of the family has their own needs and wants from the kitchen design. Let’s take a look at the newest kitchen design trends this year.

Optimizing the Design and Layout of the Kitchen

In most modern homes, the kitchen is the room that connects to most of the social areas. Not only is this essential for gatherings, it also controls the flow of people coming in and out the different zones of the house. By having a spacious kitchen, the foot traffic will never be restricted and there are no accidental bumps to the kitchen counters.

To properly execute this kitchen design trend, the cabinet has to use materials and finishes that save space. Bulky materials can be replaced with the old-fashioned marble. Stainless steel, wood, and glass can all be combined to trim down the fat of the kitchen countertop.

Saving Space in Style

Contrasting colored surfaces combined with metallic finishes are great to have in rustic settings. Copper, brass, gold and silver shine can be employed for the kitchen cabinets if there’s a need for metal insertion as an accent.

As stated earlier, the configuration of the modern kitchen prioritizes space over everything else. This can be done visually too by the renovation of the top row of cabinets. Suspended shelves might be useful for someone who cooks a wide variety of food. For those that find themselves with half-empty cabinets most of the time, placing the cabinetry in a one-wall unit makes the kitchen spacious and allows the whole family to find dishes and utensils much faster.

Trendy Color Options for the Kitchen

Greens are versatile colors that interior designers use. Muted greens, blue-greens, and even grayish tonalities go properly with the trendy kitchen design. For kitchens that have a heavy set of wood and metal finishes, stone surfaces can lighten up the room without taking away from the focal point.

Black is a common color to find in discreet metal framing. In kitchens with lots of appliances, black can even become a breather color to prevent the room from feeling too cramped.

Apartments in big cities require the designer to make do with the constantly shrinking size year after year. This is evident in kitchens using less and less overall space. Dark-colored kitchens can disguise the limited urban space if used in the whole apartment.

Any designer can use the kitchen trendy ideas above to spice up the room that many homeowners consider their favorite in designing.