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Prime Products:

We provide a gallery of pre-Screened Products that we offer have been thoroughly screened and pre-approved so you only get the best that the industry has to offer, to help you plan and budget 

We take care of logistics to empower suppliers with flexible payment terms.

Personal Branding:

We provide service to help your personal brand. 

We showcase your projects in the SILU website and advertise your services on a global scale which let your works be noticed by your target market.

We can link you up with potential clients, expand your client base and meet and connect with clients needing your expertise.

Extra services for members:

We will assist you in creating 3d visualizations, graphic, video designs, and translation services for your projects

We will create appealing 3D visuals, HD pictures for your products and connect with designers and builders.

A Platform for Your Brand

SILU helps designers, suppliers and retailers grow their brand and achieve their business goals by lending them our unlimited resources and promoting them on our global platform.


We assist retail brands and interior designers in getting work through our platform by promoting them in China and the rest of the world for brand awareness around the globe.
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We help interior designers showcase their work on top of improving their craft by connecting them with fellow creatives in our global network.
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We provide all kinds of support, from traditional and social media marketing to translation and photography services, to our partners to help them grow their brand internationally.
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