Bathroom Trends

People used to spend a limited amount of time in their bathroom, but the modern bathroom has become a place of relaxation. Seeking refuge in the bathroom makes it more difficult to use with only basic bathroom designs.

The latest bathroom trends prove that investing time and money into one room can immensely increase a house’s property value. Let’s take a look at the different trends recognized by interior designers for bathrooms.

Using Nature as a Backdrop

Taking the bathroom outdoors where it can take advantage of the surrounding natural elements is a trend that surely everyone can get behind. It allows for the usage of a neutral color palette thanks to the natural lighting and colors provided by the great outdoors.

The neutral color palette is ever-changing and ever-expanding. Coming off of 2020, there are many colors such as mocha, taupe and pewter that combine with the latest bathroom trends. The most important thing is that different elements found in the bathroom should complement each other through color, if not by material.

The overall look of a bathroom can help provide a feeling of comfort especially when bathing or simply staying for extended periods. Paired with warmer tones of mink, a neutral backdrop will appear spacious with the use of wooden textures for the added natural feel.

All-Natural Bathroom Setup

Adding natural materials to the bathroom is a trend that everyone can get into. Proudly sustainable, the use of natural materials has become more accessible thanks to widespread adaptation in the interior design community. Creating a focal point in the bathroom like a wall of wood paneling can showcase its space.


The designer is not restricted to the usage of natural materials in bathroom furniture. Organic materials can also be used for the tiling. Stone, concrete and clay are much-appreciated additions employed by trendy bathroom designs.

A harmonious combination of nature and home is the key to promoting sustainability when it comes to bathroom design. For a bathroom with vast windows, the open transitions allow sunlight to bright up the room in an unobstructed manner. This can be complemented with oblong organic shapes and an opening or two in ceiling for skylight.

All-in-One: Bedroom and Bathroom

Rough textures may sound unideal for a bathroom, but these can be implemented if the bedroom and bathroom are in the same space. While not a new trend, this is a path that many interior designers tread carefully. It is not easy to commit to the idea without knowing the budget and materials to be used for the all-in-one solution.

While the technology is there to celebrate the crudeness of rocks and stones, the space of the room has to be accounted for. The placement of windows should also be given attention. Once these are finalized, designing a combined bedroom and bathroom allows any interior designer to let their creative juices flow.

Modern bathroom trends may sound risky, but they’re worth the investment of time and money. The amount of unique ideas a designer can employ gives room for creativity.