Bathroom Tile Trends to Watch Out For in 2021 and 2022

Interior designers let their imagination loose when it comes to bathtubs and washbasins. One can make use of many elegant and familiar classic lines when going for the hottest bathroom tile trends in 2021.

Personalized patterns that are inspired by different art styles, unique colors and shapes, and handmade finishes are the latest trends. While designing the interior of a bathroom, there are many options to choose from.

Outdoor Bathrooms

Seclusion is being taken out of the world’s design scene - including bathrooms. The familiar technique of hiding away the bathroom, either by design or by utility, has become obsolete with the latest trends.

Using tile designs that work well with the exterior of a home such as those that mimic the surrounding nature are what many modern day nomads do. This trendy style was popularized thanks to people’s desire to connect with nature. The nomad style also promotes the sense of freedom which means being able to choose between the usual tucked-away bathroom and an open plan.

Stone, concrete, clay are trendy textures that combine well with transitions between interior and exterior. These organic shapes work with both artificial and natural lighting.

Sustainable Bathrooms

Sustainability has risen fast in trends for modern homes. Using sustainable materials, at its core, means preserving the balance between one’s home and nature. Organic materials can prepare the home for future growth without overly exploiting resources.

Using modern technology, sustainability is now easier to commit to. In the context of bathroom design, ethical practices have become a high demand. Sustainable consumerism paved the way for the influx of functionalism.

Brick, clay, concrete, and stone - these are natural materials that are considered sustainable yet trendy bathroom tiles. With a wide variety of colors and textures, these materials can be molded to any shape and size for maximum flexibility.

Combined Bedroom and Bathroom

Blurring borders has become a fast growing trend in the community of interior designers. When bathrooms were primarily considered as utility rooms, they were tucked away inside one’s home and usually connected by a room to the bedroom.

With this latest trend, the bedroom and bathroom no longer has a wall separating them. This creates a dilemma that an interior designer has to solve: what bathroom tile should be used if the room to take a bath in is also the one to sleep in?

Fortunately, there are many bold design ideas that can be employed. Modern designers and manufacturers use subway tiles to make small bathrooms appear roomier. Using contemporary shapes combined with light walls and pale fabrics can bring out the best in a bedroom and bathroom. White bathroom fixtures and faucets accentuate the space to prevent the bedroom and bathroom from feeling too constricted.

Anyone that wants to bring out their artistic side can start playing around with the organic and stylish materials above to improve their bathroom interior design.