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About SILU

SILU is an online marketplace based in Shanghai, China connecting key players in the construction and design industry.
We work with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, design centers, interior designers, and architects offering smart and practical solutions for your residential and commercial requirements.
Our website features well-selected products, materials and designs from established professionals to enable customers to make the right choices and have better options.

Why Join Us

Around 60% of people around the world use the internet. As of the early part of 2021, there are already 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide and this number is increasing.

SILU is a global online platform community which facilitates entry of your products and services to the rapidly expanding Chinese market and to the world. You will have increased visibility and the capacity to reach a wider target market.

Membership to the SILU platform will enable you to tap into the huge market potential of the Chinese and global markets. Our comprehensive range of services will not only greatly help in marketing your business but will put you ahead of your competitors.

At SILU, we have virtually everything you need!

What We Do

We provide you with information, inspiration, varied choices, and connections. We have the best and newest selection of brands and materials from all over China and the rest of the world. We have an impressive portfolio of design studios, architects and interior designers showcasing their best work to assist you in finding the best professionals available in the market.

Social Media Marketing

We help brands from all over the world reach a wider audience and gain access to the Chinese market with our vast network of connections and with the use of social media, both in China and the rest of the world.

Global Business Transactions

We assist you in making your brand more accessible than ever to Chinese and international markets by enabling you to accept online payments and ship your products with international couriers.

Promotional Content Production

Aside from creating your profile on SILU’s platform, we help you create content for the promotion of your products. We provide product photography, videography, and graphic design for a consistent visual identity.

Extra Services

We know the importance of effective communication. We offer translation services, website design, and all the extras you may need in the process of building your personal brand.
Mission Statement:

We seek to connect suppliers with customers looking for the best in the design industry, no matter where they are in the world. We aim to provide superior service every step of the way.